Organizational Excellence

How do you know if your company is firing on all cylinders?  What are the Key Performance Indicators that communicate the health of the organization?  How do you pivot or respond to unexpected and unanticipated environmental or industry variances?  These are the questions that are answered when you engage with Chrysalis Transformations to achieve Organizational Excellence.

The process involves a full 360-degree evaluation.  We will solicit feedback from all areas of an entity, combine that with outside research within the industry, geography and other sources.  Data and information is compiled and presented to leaders during interactive brainstorming sessions wherein coaches collaborate with organizational team leaders and sometimes team members to identify the desired state.  These programs can work on efficiencies, profitability, culture, retention and so much more.  Organizational assessments are often incorporated into the process in order to insure validity of data and minimize assumptions so that the outcomes are comprehensive.