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Executive Coaching

Intense 1:1 coaching with senior executives leads to better business performance and goal achievement, improved leadership, boost in motivation and focus, more positive relationships with colleagues, greater ability to self-regulate, more confidence when making decisions.  It is our job at Chrysalis Transformations to help executives and people leaders think differently, stretch their imaginations, and consider different perspectives.  A key to great coaching relationships is accountability, which in our world includes asking hard questions, removing assumptions and limiting beliefs and excuses.  We challenge the status quo and invite our executive clients to consider a variety of perspectives while always taking into account the people and the unintended consequences.  

Being at the top can get lonely. Not having a good sounding board can be isolating and frustrating.  As a component of our services, select executives are invited to join a Peer Advisory Board that includes the highest level decision makers within the organization to help clients take advantage of others’ experiences.  These peer advisory boards allow for the opportunity to hear firsthand about innovative solutions, learn the lesson without having to bear the cost.  

Group Coaching

Group Coaching programs involve up to 30 team members coming together to learn and collaborate on a specific topic.  In these sessions EXPERT coaches present research and materials that have been proven to enhance work environments.  Sessions are facilitated workshops designed to encourage collaboration and teamwork.  Incorporated in the experience are a variety of self-assessments and the review and debrief of the same.  Group sessions have the objective of raising the bar for the entire audience.  We consider not only the characteristics and experiences of each individual, but also dig deep into the composite of the group.  Where are the strengths and gaps as a whole? Sometimes we discover that great leaders are prone to bringing in team members that are VERY similar to themselves and the other team members, creating areas of weakness for the organization.  

Group coaching programs include Strengthsfinders, Emotional Intelligence, Effective Communication, Team Effectiveness and more.  These programs often involve 1:1 coaching in between group sessions. 

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