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Peer Advisory Board

Being at the top can get lonely. Not having a good sounding board can be isolating and frustrating.  As a component of our services, select executives are invited to join a Peer Advisory Board that includes the highest level decision makers within the organization to help clients take advantage of others’ experiences.  These peer advisory boards allow for the opportunity to hear firsthand about innovative solutions, learn the lesson without having to bear the cost.  

The power of peers is a great force.  Peer Advisory Boards provide CEO’s and Business owners a confidential monthly forum where they can bring their thoughts, ideas and issues to a group of like-minded leaders that have often times had similar challenges and experiences.  These monthly meetings are true round table discussions that allow leaders to take time to work ON their business rather than in their business.  These forums have been proven to bring about positive growth for participating companies exceeding the growth of similar organizations that do not take advantage of the peer board model. Each advisory board is made up of likeminded leaders from non-competing industries and businesses.  If selected to join a board, you are assured that confidentiality is fully honored.  What happens here, stays here.  Additionally, your advisor group will not include any direct competitors, suppliers or customers so that everyone is comfortable sharing situations that could otherwise feel uncomfortable.  

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