Our philosophy

At Chrysalis Transformations, we are true partners with our clients.  We work along side each client to assess the current state of the organization and any specific areas of focus, then explore many creative options to facilitate the achievement of desired outcomes, growth, transformation and success.  We only succeed when you succeed. 


Thorough discovery conversations with customers including 360-degree evaluations, data analysis, reporting and more, we are dedicated to data driven planning.  On every journey through transformation to excellence, it is important to have  accurate foundational information that can be measured to determine progress and movement in the right direction.  Note that these discovery activities, while executed comprehensively, are done as quickly as makes sense for your organization. 


With hundreds of years of combined experience, the diverse team of coaches and consultants at Chrysalis Transformations has spent time working in a variety of industries and is dedicated to continuous learning and growth that benefits our client base.  Some industries included in the portfolio include:  Manufacturing, Staffing, Agriculture, Finance, Medical, Hospitality, Entertainment and more.  With the experience of working with companies of all sizes – small to medium sized family owned businesses, publicly traded organizations and fortune 500 companies – Chrysalis Transformations is equipped to facilitate any initiative you and your company are set out to pursue.


Because our work originates in your vision, your initiative, and is founded on your historical information, effectiveness and progress are readily apparent as we work alongside you to bring those visions to fruition.  Hope is not a strategy, and this is why it is important that we keep a pulse on the various components of the organization as we begin any transformation initiative.  Desired outcomes are reached when change efforts result in only positive movement.  At Chrysalis, we work hard to minimize unintended consequences in tangential areas of the business as we work to achieve your goals. 

Your Success Is Our Success

Transform Your Team

Chrysalis Transformations brings certified business coaches to your organization to help you and your team reach their highest potential.  Working with us, business leaders collaborate on an extensive analysis of the current state of the organization, leadership team, organizational structure, culture and more.  We then create a clear vision of the desired state, design and work the plan to achieve more than ever imagined.  Our coaches have a variety of backgrounds that range from large publicly traded organizations to small family-owned businesses with expertise in organizational excellence, leadership development and refinement, culture declaration, emotional intelligence and culture clarity.

Working with Chrysalis, you can expect to emerge as a better version of efficiency, impact and effectiveness.  We recognize that with transformation comes impact to the company and the team, and our coaches will guide you through consideration of unintended consequences as we work to raise the bar within your organization and your industry.  Together we will define values – personal and organizational, create and inspire your desired culture and collaboratively execute every step.  

Meet Our CEO

Michelle Lund

Michelle is an Executive Coach with experience working with Leaders and Executives to transform organizations.  Michelle is a proven leader with over 25 years of leadership and organizational transformation experience.  She has enjoyed success in a variety of industries including healthcare, financial services, hospitality and gaming.  She is passionate about the development of the team, individuals and driving corporate culture and financial success.  She thrives in projects and assignments where she can leverage her entrepreneurial spirit and identify areas for efficiency optimization. Michelle is adept at organizational excellence, business development, and consideration of potential unintended outcomes and her strengths include excellent communication skills, strategic thinking and business development.  She is energized by facilitating success in others.  She is a creative thinker, has the talent to share a vision, and makes data driven business decisions.

She has established a reputation of excellence in developing leaders, facilitating the strategic objectives of organizations and their leadership teams.  She works with organizations on projects that bring about their desired goals  — some of which include culture creation and modification, team effectiveness, team member engagement, return on investment, strategic plans and more. She has found a niche in helping people and companies identify such opportunities and make the plan to capture them.

Her experience with organically grown businesses and those that are growing through mergers and acquisitions provides her a unique perspective on how to maneuver through those challenges. She is a true change agent and transformational leader. She has received accolades attesting her ability to bring out the best in team members, and encourage each one uniquely to realize their own potential.

Michelle has a BS in Business Administration and a Master’s in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Michelle holds a coaching certification from an ICF accredited program and is proficient in a variety of assessments.  She serves on several boards for nonprofit organizations and the Greater Cincinnati Association of Talent Development.

With a personal mission statement to positively influence as many lives as possible, Michelle works hard to bring about a culture of positivity and possibility.  As a business consultant she is honored to have the opportunity to work with organizational leaders to help them bring about true change and transformation.

Some favorite quotes:

“A rising tide raises all boats.”

“The speed of the leader is the speed of the team.”

What We Do Best


We strongly consider intended outcomes and unintended consequences as we maneuver through your transformation initiative.


Chrysalis Transformations is dedicated to achieving your goals within your timeframe and within your budget.

Create Awareness

Coaches and Consultants at Chrysalis Transformations as all the RIGHT questions to facilitate awareness of current and desired states.


We adopt our clients’ priorities.  If it is important to you, it is important to us.

Orginizational health

We understand that every organization, no matter the size, has lots of moving parts, and that we are only as strong as that weakest link.  We work to keep all of the gears moving together.


Team members are the most valuable asset to any company.  At Chrysalis, we work toward a culture and environment where every team member is in a position to do what they love, leverage their strengths and love what they do.

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