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My Services

I work with energy on many levels, the spiritual, the cerebral and the physical. My work initiates change and I am eclectic in my approach, using Reiki healing, guided visualization, energy center work, NLP, hypnotherapy, counseling, coaching. I also offer a variety of resources for self-study via Amazon.

What we seek together is a healing or resolution of disfunction in body, mind or soul that holds us back from being who we truly are. I have a deep rooted sense of the universal soul as the energy that connects all of us. I chose to view this as an entirely natural phenomenon, for which we simply have not yet found an intellectual understanding. I do not claim to heal - I simply act as a channel through which you can release the energy required to initiate your own healing.

I work directly one to one with clients in my office or in special cases in their own homes. Much of my work is done by telephone and I have found this to be very effective. When you work with the suicidal, your voice is your only connection to another soul and I have found that the lack of distraction inherent in this communication medium enhances listening skills, intuitive sense and rapport. The same is true of coaching, counseling and healing work. Working together in small groups in telebridge is also very powerful as the energy of one amplifies the energy of all.

Whatever life issue faces you, I am here to be of service, cheering you on, challenging you, helping you to access your own self-discipline to achieve whatever it is you want.

I am also here to shed light when you are floundering in the dark, unsure of what you need, just knowing that what there is now is not enough.

I am the still, calm voice that will help you find your way through the fog of doubt and despair. Together we can find your path.

With 25 years experience at a senior level in a family business, ultimately as a Board Director, I understand business issues especially where they come into conflict with personal values and changing perceptions of what you want out of life. I especially understand family dynamics in a business context and how seriously challenged family relationships can be in "business families."

If the time has come for greater balance and satisfaction in your life, then allow me to help you find it.

You may have a challenge which you need help with.

You may wish for support in bringing about change in your life.

You may want to explore and understand your potential. You may be stumbling in the dark, knowing that all is not as it should be, but need some light to guide you.

Perhaps you have found a personal growth book which you sense will help you but you need someone to explore with and keep you to your commitment to put into practice what you learn there.

Whatever the need is, I am here to be of help.