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Code of Ethics

My ethical code is based on loving trust. Whatever is told to me, is between us and no one else. There may be times when I urge you to share with someone else but that will always be your decision.

If I feel that I am not the best person to help you then I will be honest with you and I will help you find someone who can. Again the choice will be yours.

I will not stand in judgement on you and I will listen openly to all you have to say. I will answer you honestly and I will make my own personal boundaries very clear as I will expect you to do with me. I do not believe in pressurising clients to open up areas of their lives that cause them great pain . I believe that it is possible to heal without reliving old painful trauma. However, if you want me to walk with you through your pain and you are ready, then I am here for you.

When it is time for you to move on and live the changes you have created, then I will tell you. This is not a dependency relationship. We are here together in symbiosis. We learn and grow with one another and then when the moment comes, we let go. You are always welcome back as a friend and at any time as a client when the next transition comes.