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Welcome to the Chrysalis

In the chrysalis a magical process transforms a hairy little caterpillar, crawling his way through the world, into a magnificent airborne butterfly.

My name is Maria Doherty. In the Chrysalis, I am your guide, your catalyst for change, as you step out of the comfort zone into the challenge of personal growth. Do you hear the call for change? Is it a whisper or a deafening roar? Does it inspire you to action or is it disturbing your peace of mind, a calling to something you do not yet understand?

Together we will transform that discomfort into the energy that will create powerful changes in your life. Here in the Chrysalis we will work together to bring buried dreams into the light.

Why settle for a life less filled with power and light than you have the potential to create?

I look at you and I see your magnificent potential even when you cannot. I perceive the chasm between what is and what might be. Each one of us is diminished by every human being who does not fully reveal their light. I believe that we are put here on this earth to call that potential into being.

Are you ready to release your power into the world?

Each week, I gift my ezine "Out of the Chrysalis which challenges my readers to create positive change in their lives, to bring out their hidden and underused gifts. Come out of hiding and into the light. .